McKinley County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 2000
Author: Jobe Wymore

The road into Cerros De Alejandro is absolutely one of the roughest roads I have ever been on. Andy Martin states that you can get your vehicle within a mile of it but not any more. The owner of the property surrounding Cerros De Guadalupe has sort of flexed his might within the area and has the turn- off road off limits to vehicles due to people driving all over everywhere during hunting season. Picked that up from a guy out driving around in the area. Signs are posted that state no motorized vehicles allowed. Thus, any attempt on Cerros De Guadalupe would have to be done with a huge approach on foot. Don't know if the owner would even let you on his property. The guy I talked to who was out driving around said that the guy is really weird and just flips out, takes your license plate number and turns it in to authorities if he sees anyone out there driving where they're not supposed to.