McKinley County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 12, 2003
Author: Mouser Williams

Visited Cerros de Alejandro this afternoon, and saw the new fence mentioned in Adam Helman and Edward Earl's report. It is marked as

POSTED: Private Property L-bar Ranch. No Tresspassing. No Hunting.

I did not see any gates or breaks in the fence which runs due north-south as far as I could see. If one was inclined to cross the fence, the best place to do so would probably be the metal fence support structure here.

It is located near the bottom of a large reentrant; the ridges on either side block view of this location from the ranch land except from the reentrant itself (and the summit). From this point, one could ascend in the valley all the way to the top without trouble. Had I gone this way, I estimate that I would have had to spend about six minutes and 23 seconds on ranch property.

I saw no sign of the string of boulders previously mentioned and was able to drive my truck along a reasonable dirt road (better than some of the road needed to get to the start of the hike mentioned in Scott Surgent's report) to the base of one of the aforementioned ridges at (UTM zone 13S 274776 E, 3919774 N). This point is only 0.8 mile from the summit and its a straight shot (minus some dodging of mountain oak stands). The view from the top is great, or so I hear.