Mora County High Point Trip Report

Truchas Peak

Date: September 4, 1995
Author: Andy Martin

Picking the access route to Truchas Peak was a real challenge. The shortest approach from the NW is made troublesome by reported vandalism from the residents of the area. The planned Jacks Creek start had to be scrubbed due to road repairs and hazardous waste cleanup, resulting in Iron Gate being selected as the trailhead.

We did a backpack, camping at 10,400' on Rito Azul. Got to summit about noon on next day. Others in the party went on to North Truchas Peak, while I took a breather by some friendly Bighorn Sheep at Truchas Lakes. Two bushwhacks were needed due to the confusing welter of trails and abundance of contradicting maps. By the time we got back to camp it was too late to hike out, so we broke out the gorp for an unplanned extra dinner. We still were unable to polish it all off, proving once again the hunger dampening aspects of this miracle food.

The hike out the next day was enlivened by yet another bushwhack, made more interesting by a bee sting and narrow log stream crossing. Lots of horse packing is done in this area, so trails are a little muddier and greener than desirable.