Quay County Highpoint Trip Report

Luciano Mesa (5,560+ feet)

Date: September 26, 2002
Author: Adam Helman

This was the third of three "lowland" (eastern New Mexico plains) highpoints of the day. I wish here to append information for the driving approach to this highpoint.

After you pass the Ima townsight on CR BK heading due north, zero your odometer when the pavement turns to gravel. The six or seven miles quoted in previous reports for the distance from here to the gate you pass through is accurate.

At 6.3 miles you are heading due west and will note a fancy gate with a semicircular design atop it such as found on ranch entrances, within the fence you are paralleling on your right (north). Do not enter this gate - rather, proceed about 0.7 or 0.8 mile further west to a second and far less adorned gate.

Open and close the gate and drive about one mile along the dirt ruts heading northwest from the gate. After one mile you are due east of a runway (not visible) and will note telephone lines just to your north with the string of telephone poles oriented roughly ENE to WSW. Get out and walk north until satisfied that you have covered the somewhat flat highpoint area.

I did this highpoint around noon and was concerned about rattlesnakes for the duration of my twenty minute walk.