San Juan County High Point Trip Report

Beautiful Mtn

BM Washington

Date: July 17, 1994
Author: Andy Martin

BM Washington is at center of a manned lookout tower. Reaching Beautiful Mtn. was worrisome on account of rough roads, route finding, unsettled weather, and being on the Navajo Indian Reservation. I drove the car in from Roof Butte area, and out through Sanostee. Might have been too steep to come in from Sanostee, but this would be quickest drive in.

The south point of Beautiful Mtn. is guarded by cliffs which wrap around the east and west sides. I climbed up a break in the cliffs that is about 1/4 mile SE of the summit. A well used game trail snakes through this gap and then fans out on the mesa top. Was careful to remember the way back to avoid being stranded on top.