San Juan County Highpoint Trip Report

Beautiful Mountain

Date: July 1, 2004
Author: Ken Jones

I met up with the Covills for this one. We followed Jobe Wymore's trip report. The drive works as given, though we read 1.6 miles to the last Y-shaped junction, instead of 1.8. Watch your roads carefully, as it's easy to get confused up here.

We took a slightly different route out (a bit more northerly) on somewhat better roads but didn't get accurate measurements. The net effect was that we were on road 5013 a bit longer that way.

For the hike, we decided on the way back that it worked best to drop from the road end and climb back up, heading northeast through the upper part of a drainage, before turning left up toward the gap in the cliffs. There is a beaten path above here that saves some side-hill effort.