San Miguel County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: November 7, 2005
Authors: Jennifer and Gerry Roach

Forest Service maps with a pub date earlier than 2004 do not show FS 646 going all the way up Elk Mountain but the 2004 edition corrects the change. The 2004 map also does not show FS 645 at all, so this road has been closed.

From the marked junction of NM 63 and FS 646, go 8.8 miles east up FS 646 to a tight, right-hand switchback. The road to the north is now private and gated. We believe that this is the former FS 156 mentioned in Ken Jones' report. Since there is no choice, take the right-hand switchback and continue uphill on the now unmarked FS 646. At mile 10.1 reach the 3-way junction and proceed uphill on the north or left fork. At mile 13.0 turn south or right and continue downhill toward the summit. The "steep, loose" switchback at mile 13.7 was no problem and we reached the summit at mile 14.7 in our Subaru AWD Forester with the radio blaring.