Socorro County High Point Trip Report

South Baldy

Date: June 2000
Author: Jobe Wymore

From Socorro, New Mexico head west on US60 till you see a sign pointing to Water Canyon Camp Grounds. (Sorry about not know the distance to sign on this stretch. A guess would be about 15 or so miles.) Turn left and head south towards the Campgrounds. The road at this point is paved and around 2.2 miles you'll pass a sign showing you're on road 235. The pavement ends at 4.7 miles. Right after the pavement ending you'll see a sign pointing to the Langmuir Laboratories. Turn left and head on up the mountain. At 6.8 from leaving the highway you'll pass a South Baldy trail sign and at 8 miles the road "Y's." Take a right at the "Y." At 11.6 miles another South Baldy trail sign will be passed and further progress will be halted at 12.7 by a locked gate.

At this point I basically just headed off to my right for a 1/4 mile to the top of the hill. Summit covered with all types of small antenna structures. No register. Nothing much to this hike. Just a road that gets bouncy in places. Couple of holes here and there and a few boulders that could be rolled out of the way if you had too. Plenty of room to turn around by the gate also.