Socorro County Highpoint Trip Report

South Baldy Peak

Date: September 5, 2005
Author: Scott Surgent

There are some new developments to mention. A new telescope is being constructed on the far ridge highpoint east of the true HP, across from the Langmuir Lab. This is an optical telescope and is known as the Magdalena Ridge Observatory with this website.

As a result of the construction, the road to the summit has been greatly improved. On my first visit in 2000, I encountered bumps, ruts, and some rocky sections; nothing too bad but still requiring that I go slowly. On this visit, the road was smooth all the way to the gate below Langmuir Labs. A sign still warns that passenger cars are not suggested. In 2000 I might have agreed but now I'd say you'd be fine, assuming it's dry and your car is not too tiny. The road is still steep in places and rock-fall from the slopes will always be present. We saw a large Winnebago-type RV near the top. Further, mileposts line the route, down to the quarter-mile. Our hike went fast and without incident.

Will the road always be in this good condition, once the telescope is built? Future visitors will have to report in with that information.