Torrance County Highpoint Trip Report

Manzano Peak (10,098 ft) and peak 10,080+ ft

Date: September 14, 2005
Author: Rich Wilson

We were joined by Bim on this hike, so we set up a shuttle trip. We hiked up the Kayser Mill trail and came down the Pine Shadow Spring trail, which is actually a southern extension of the Manzano Crest Trail. This made for a VERY enjoyable 10 mile trip.

After following the Kayser Mill trail to the Crest Trail we headed north about 1/4 mile, then veered off to the right on a use path which took us up to peak 10,080+ ft, the alternate Torrance County highpoint. From here, we had a good view of our next objective, Manzano Peak.

We then headed back to the Crest Trail and south about one mile to a short spur trail on the left, which took us 1/4 mile to the summit of Manzano Peak. Beautiful views to the east, south and west. From here, we headed down the aforementioned Pine Shadow Spring trail. This trail led down a drier side of the mountain, and we enjoyed the desert flora.

For those wishing to make a shorter trip of it, the Kayser Mill trail could be used both up and back. The Valencia County highpoint is also in the area, but we didn't visit it on this trip. Refer to Scott Surgent's excellent trip report for a combination trip.

Area camping: We spent 5 days at a real nice campground in Manzano Mountains State Park.