Union County High Point Trip Report

Sierra Grande (8,720 ft)

Date: September 21, 2002
Author: Ken Jones

This one was a drive-up.

On the north side of the mountain, find the obvious entrance to the AR Ranch. I drove slowly up the entrance road, looking for someone to ask permission. As I approached the highest house, I was met by the rancher, who drove down to see what I was up to. He introduced himself as Joe Wolfe (I believe that's the correct spelling for the last name - it's common in the local phone books). I explained my errand, and he asked what I wanted to do up there. "Just touch the top and check it off my list," I said. He asked if I wanted to hike or drive, and I said it didn't matter - I'd walk if I reached a point I couldn't drive. He looked at my vehicle and suggested I could drive to the summit.

He pointed me back down the hill to a ranch road heading west just south of (above) some corrals. I followed the road in a 4WD, through several gates but no forks, to the summit. High clearance would be necessary, and possibly 4WD to ensure you don't get stuck.