Churchill County High Point Trip Report

Desatoya Peak (9,973 ft)

Date: June 23, 2002
Author: Scott Surgent

Edward Earl's report for this one was very accurate; we also went via the Basque Summit Road. I was able to crash and bang my truck up a Jeep road shown starting just south of Basque Summit. The map shows this road ends at the county line; I drove up the short but very steep road to top out at hill 8,043. Adam and myself started at 5:30 am and followed the range road up the ridge toward a saddle just north of spot elevation 9,130, then followed good cow paths to very nearly the summit. Great hike amid open sage-covered hills. About 3 hours up, 1 hour 25 minutes down.

After coming back to my truck, we noted another truck that had come up a different road. Then a gunshot. For all we know they may have just been target shooting. They were well over a mile away behind a small ridge. But we decided not to stick around to find out. They definitely were not shooting .22s, that's for sure.