Lander County Highpoint Trip Report

Bunker Hill (11,473 ft)

Date: July 17, 2007
Author: Rich Wilson

We drove in on the standard approach up the canyon from Kingston, NV. After reaching the saddle, I drove halfway up the steep jeep road toward point 9335 and then decided to park.

From there, we crossed over point 9335, descended into the shallow saddle and headed uphill a couple of hundred vertical feet. We then made an ascending traverse toward the 10,040+ saddle, taking care to gain enough elevation to easily pass the heads of several drainages. The steepest part of the climb is just beyond the saddle. We found many use trails leading steeply up and to the right. Soon we topped out on the false summit and then made our way over to the true summit. Really nice day and only the fires in northern California obscured our distant views in that direction.

We returned the same way. About 8 hours round trip, as we took our time. We camped at Kingston, a Forest Service Campground along Kingston Creek on the road in.