Lyon County Highpoint Trip Report

Middle Sister - North Ridge (10,580 20 ft)

Date: August 13, 2005
Author: Scott Surgent

With Edward Earl's report from 2000 in hand, I took FR-050 north from NV-338 about 4 miles to a sharp right turn at an incline then, where the road went left, I took another immediate left onto a rougher road that headed into the mountains at Little Smith Valley. I camped along this road for the night and drove to its end at a corral at about 7,500 feet. Two gates need to be crossed and the road is rocky enough to make 4wd really nice to have. I started my hike at about 7 a.m.

I followed the trail to Little Smith Valley and essentially retraced Edward's route, going up a partially-wooded gully to a meadow at 9,600 feet, then up scree and rocks to the summits and the ridge points. Cross-country navigation is very straightforward here.

Once on the ridge, I kind of worked my way north of the summit and eventually came into sight of two large cairns with sticks/posts sticking out of them. I hiked to the higher of the two and saw that a number of people had signed in, thinking it to be the CA/NV border -- but it wasn't (as many so noted in the log). This is the Von Schmidt marker, commemorating (?) an erroneous survey of the CA/NV border from the 19th century. Looking down, I could see the actual state line post as well as the rock pile that signified Lyon County's HP. First, I made a quick run to the summit of Middle Sister, then went down to the actual Lyon HP and signed in. I was only the third person to sign in for 2005.

Going down went great -- the scree made downhill travel go by quite fast and the good tread and open pathways made the rest of the egress go quickly as well. For me it was 3 hours up, 30 minutes to explore the ridge, and 1:30 down.

This puts me at 16 NV COHPs, with one to go, which I'll do in 2006.