Nye County High Point Trip Report

Mount Jefferson (11,941 ft)

Date: September 20, 1997
Author: Andy Martin

We drove down to Belmont NV and made camp at the old Highbridge Mill. The night was windy and cold. In the morning the outer bag had ice on it and the car windows were frosted up pretty solid. (September 20).

The road up Jefferson Summit is pretty good dirt, certainly deserving of more than the itty bitty red line doled out by DeLorme. A passenger car can probably be nursed a bit past the summit, we parked at 9,400'. The clouds that had pestered us for the past 3 days were still present, though luckily Jefferson did not get snowed on. Bunker Hill up the valley had got it pretty good.

When we got to the top it was just in the clouds, and a brisk breeze was blowing. In fact, it was pretty miserable, one of the nastier summits I've been on in terms of weather. I hopped in an unlocked battery bunker, while my friend huddled in the lee of an electronics building. We were glad to be heading down after a short rest, and conditions were a lot nicer once we got under the clouds and out of the wind.