Pershing County High Point Trip Report

Star Peak (9,836 ft)

Date: August 24, 2001
Author: Jobe Wymore

The starting point of this trip report is the Humbolt Exit #138 on I-80. Once you find yourself there, make your way to the frontage road on the east side of the Freeway and hit the odometer. Head south on the paved frontage road, passing a huge mine on the left. At around mile 2.5 the pavement turns to rougher pavement/dirt. Keep heading south, passing numerous dirt roads that break off to the left toward Star Peak. Finally at mile 4.6, or so, the road is going to make an obvious swing to the left and immediately after that is a Y. This is the point where you get off the frontage road and head east toward Star Peak.

The road you're on now is dirt and is going to Y and T in a couple of different spots. Take the right option both times. At mile 5.4 you'll drive under some power lines. The dirt road will eventually enter Eldorado Canyon and cross the stream bed a few times until at mile 7.1 you enter an old abandoned mining camp. The road to this point will be no problem in decent weather for a passenger car but from here on it's 4WD time.

Once in the mining camp, keep on the dirt road as it wraps around the backside of the camp and comes to another Y. Take the left and head up the hill right above the camp. The road from here on gets steep in spots and lesser, rougher roads break off the main tract from time to time. Always stay on the road that appears to have the lesser grade and is in better shape. This dirt road is in really good shape considering the altitude and if you have 4WD and are used to "hood and sky" you should be able to get to around 9400 feet on this one. I, not being the type, parked at a switchback at around 7100 feet at mile 9.6 from the freeway exit.

We walked up the dirt road and decided to take it all the way to 9400 feet before leaving it and heading right up the ridge to the summit. Round trip from the place we parked took up around 4 1/2 hours in the sweltering Nevada heat at a nice and easy pace. There are other areas that you can leave the dirt road and just make your way up the steep, sagebrush-covered slopes but we just weren't in the mood.

The hike has excellent views pretty much the whole way and a register that dates back to the 1960's. Not a bad hike. BM is easily located in the middle of the wind shelter at the top.