Pershing County High Point Trip Report

Star Peak

Date: June 22, 2003
Author: Ken Jones

We used Jobe Wymore's notes from the web site. They were great, except I'd make one change.

Jobe indicates that you reach the mining camp at mile 7.1. According to our readings, we entered the narrow mouth of Eldorado Canyon at 7.1 (after dropping to the right into the washout somewhat earlier at an unmarked junction), and reached the mining camp at 8.0 miles.

We drove to about 6,800 feet at a sharp left switchback in the jeep road, and walked from there. If you don't mind steep dirt roads and tight turns, you can probably drive to just under 9,000 feet on the road (Andy Martin and Guy Cloutier must have gone off road at the end to drive to 9,400 feet).