Storey County High Point Trip Report

Mount Davidson

Date: June 2000
Author: Bill Jacobs

Lacking maps to locate the terminus of the Ophir Grade and not finding anyone in town familiar with the route, I attempted a fairly direct approach from Virginia City and found a hikeable road requiring much less distance than Ophir. A 4WD vehicle is possible for those not intimidated by steep grades.

From the center of Virginia City proceed uphill (do not recall street names) several blocks and follow the street leading to the start of the canyon/ravine that divides Mt. Davidson from the mountain to its right. The local residents had no problem with parking cars in front of their homes.

Follow the dirt road up the ravine beneath and to the right of Mt Davidson. About a half mile up it splits with a lesser-used road continuing up the ravine to the saddle. Take the road angling 120 degrees to the right. It's a little longer but better for hiking and driving. Continue to the top of this mountain past several antenna locations, down a short way to the saddle, and onto the junction cutoff for Mt. Davidson.

On return, spoke with a construction worker and one of the antenna sites who was becoming agitated with all the wooden telephone poles clogging the highpoint. He was planning to roundup a few of his buddies, along with a case of suds, and haul away these monuments as his contribution to the betterment of the environment. "I use to shoot animals. Now I take pictures of them."