White Pine County High Point Trip Report

Wheeler Peak (13,063 ft)

Date: July 6, 1999
Author: David Olson

Wheeler Peak is also the highest point in Great Basin National Park and the second highest point in Nevada.

From US-50 and the middle of lots of empty sagebrush find your way on NV-487 to Baker NV, a small oasis-community, and then on NV-488 to Great Basin National Park. Enjoy the roadside amusements. In Great Basin NP turn on to the Wheeler Peak Campground road. Near its end is the Summit Trailhead Parking Lot. Start hiking here and follow the trail.

Principal cautions: allow at least six hours for the climb - start early; carry at least 3 quarts of water; expect the top of the trail to be buried in a snowpatch. This is not a serious problem going up, but following the trail down will likely put you on the wrong side of the patch and require some un- pleasant re-climbing and re-routing.

This is a good looking peak!