Allegany County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: September 18, 2005
Authors: Sue Ann Miller and Frank Price

Previous trip reports are valid with the update that Alma Hill Road is now signed where Dan Case said there was no sign at the road that comes up from Petrolia.

Alma Hill (2,548 ft)

The land is not posted but, as Fallesen wrote, it is private. Dennis Dunham, the owner, lives in the home near the southeast corner of Alma Hill Road and Ford Brook Road S. Branch. This is within view of the chained track road. He has owned the summit including the old lookout tower since 1972. The tower has been subjected to youthful vandalism in the past, so he appreciates knowing who is walking on his land. For the sake of future CoHPers, we advise the courtesy of asking permission even if the land is not posted.

White signs on witness posts made it relatively easy to find the Alma BM and 2 reference markers that flank it in the tall ferns. We agree with Dan Case that Fallesen's picture is taken at the southern reference marker and not the BM. Walking around the broad summit assures touching possible HPs hiding in deep ferns, delivers the occasional whiff of petroleum, and gives a good perspective on an historic and rusty old pumping arrangement.

one area 7/10 mile south of Alma Hill (2,540+ ft)

We preferred the approach from the microwave tower to bushwhacking from the benchmark.