Bronx County High Point Trip Report

1 area 1000 ft southwest of Riverdale Country School (280+ ft)

Date: March 24, 2000
Author: Michael Schwartz

To reach the area: From the northbound service road of the Henry Hudson Parkway, turn right onto W. 246th St., into the private Fieldston Community. Make a left onto Fieldston Road, another left onto W. 250th. St., and a right onto Goodridge Road to the dead end. At the end of the street, a dirt driveway leads to an imposing fence, placarded with no-trespassing signs. There is enough room to park a car in this driveway.

The highest ground is well within the fenced area, and is significantly higher than any ground outside the fence.

The property is NOT owned by the Fieldston Association. I was able to contact the owner's representative, and was granted permission to enter. The owner will grant access to highpointers, but wants to be contacted by telephone for permission. He does not want the phone number posted on the net, but gave me permission to pass it on. Anyone planning a visit, please e-mail me for the phone number and rep's name. I can also provide more detailed access information and high point details. Please be discreet about this information so we can retain access.