Bronx County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: June 24, 2008
Author: Micah Schneider

We took the number 1 train all the way to the end, but you can take an A or C and transfer at 168th if that is convenient. From the subway station, we walked uphill along Post Road, with the campus of Manhattan College on our left. We took a left on West 246th Street to Waldo Street, steadily climbing as we went. Waldo turns into West 250th past Fieldstone Road. At this point, the construction area that currently dominates the highpoint begins to come into hearing and view.

The main entrance to the construction site is on West 250th, near Iselin Avenue. This area, according to the crew foreman, was once known as Chapel Farm. When the project is complete, it will be known as Villanova Estates. These houses are going to be upscale homes and access may become a problem depending on how many other homes are constructed and whether or not the community is gated. Currently, there are two areas of rocky outcropping, relatively close in proximity, that vie for the highpoint. One of them, however, is currently being used as a debris pile during construction, so determining which one is higher is impossible. Both are easy to visit. During periods when there is no one on site, we spotted multiple gaps in the fence, so security isn't terribly important here. As construction continues, the future of this HP is very much in doubt. According to the foreman, there are no plans currently to level the rocky outcrops but, since this project has experienced multiple changes in the past, this is potentially subject to change. Highpointers close to completing NY are urged to visit this spot ASAP before it changes.

Total distance, from subway to gate and back, is approximately one and half miles.