Bronx County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: July 17, 2008
Author: Roy Wallen

Following John Mitchler’s report from 2007, I also left from Columbus Circle and took the 1 train, changing trains at one point due to “mechanical difficulty”, to the end at Van Cortlandt Park. This was at 5:00 pm on a Friday due to a cancelled dinner meeting.

The walk up through Manhattan College and the Historic Fieldston District was a pleasant one, though the temperature and humidity were quite high on this summer evening. Following John’s directions and the topo, I made my way to the gap in the fence where Goodrige Avenue approaches the highpoint development. There are a few feet of heavy undergrowth between the end of the street and the fence but it is a short bushwhack. Once through the fence, I followed a gravel and dirt road up and to the left toward high ground. There is much earth movement still going on there and a couple of houses in various states of construction. I worked my way from one rock pile to another.

Once approaching what I think is the highest ground, I heard a muffled “HEY!” Looking down the unfinished road, a young man approached in a bright green vest that said “SECURITY”. Wishing to invoke one of Fred’s Rules, I scrambled up to the highest spot and looked at the view, believing that if I got shooed off after getting there, the ascent would still count. As the man approached, he said that this was private property and that I shouldn’t be there. I asked if I could take a couple of pictures and he said I could. I proceeded to do so and he then escorted me down toward the main gate at Grosvenor Avenue. He said that I could get him in trouble for being there, of which I assured him was not my desire. We chatted a bit while we walked out to the gate and he said visiting during the day (it was about 7:00 pm by this time) would not be a problem.

Once at the gate at Grosvenor Avenue, I returned the way I came.