Bronx County High Point Trip Report

one area 1,000 feet southwest of Riverdale School - Fieldston Hill (280+ ft)

Date: August 3, 2003
Author: Dan Case

As per Mike Schwartz's directions, got off the Henry Hudson Parkway at 246th Street (Exit 21) and went to the dead end of 250th Street. Due to the no-nonsense signs in this nice, leafy residential neighborhood (which feels a lot more like parts of Northwest Washington DC than New York), I parked down at the little pull-out near the school on Grosevnor and walked back around to the end of 250th, where the right of way continues through the fence gate, which seems to have been left partially open.

Get past the thicket that grows around the continuation of the road, such as it is, and start bushwhacking uphill to the left. Follow animal paths uphill through undergrowth (in warm weather) to a large old tree that seems to stand on height of land. Also see the rock outcrop mentioned in other reports about 50 feet away, and do it.

Try not to dawdle too much. I didn't have a problem with all the security that the signs around here promise. I guess I blended in well enough, but given that it seems there is no place outsiders are permitted to park on these streets you don't want to learn any hard lessons.