Broome County High Point Trip Report

USGS BM Slawson (2,080+ ft)

Date: May 10, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

Follow directions from Dave Galvin's trip report. The elusive USGS BM on this broad, flat summit is maybe 100 feet east of what feels like the center of the summit area. The USGS data sheet (1976 recovery) states that the BM is 15 feet NW of a 30-inch beech tree and 9 feet WSW of a 12-inch beech, and those trees are the key to finding the BM. The smaller beech has a standard white witness post sign tacked to it about five feet above ground. If you wander around long enough, you should spot the sign. The larger beech has broken off about 15 feet above ground, just below a major fork, and the two huge pieces fell toward the BM, which is nestled right between them. It is indeed the foot-high, square concrete monument described in the data sheet, except the original disk stamped Slawson 1940 has been replaced by one stamped Slawson 1982. We saw no sign of any road coming from the east, and I would recommend following the western approach as described by Galvin.

Nothing to add about the second Broome County area.