Cattaraugus County Highpoint Trip Report

BM "Clare" (2,430 ft)

Date: August 1, 2004
Author: Fred Lobdell

I followed Bob Packard's trip report and recommendations for this one.

From the I-86 exit for county 19 just west of the town of Allegany, make your way to where county 19 crosses the Allegheny River. Yes, those spellings are correct. Cross the river and immediately turn right onto county 60. Follow this road as it crosses under I-86 twice; after the second crossing, keep an eye out for Chipmunk Road on your left (south), which appears in the tiny hamlet of South Vandalia. Turn left and go about 3.4 miles to a woods road going left (east). I went another 0.2 mile to a small saw mill which was idle, as it was Sunday. I parked at the saw mill and bushwhacked through the woods, behind the intervening house, to where I picked up the woods road. However, this road can certainly be driven by any sort of vehicle to the first clearing (about a quarter mile in) and probably to the second clearing, at least another quarter mile in. Beyond that an ATV might be required.

Follow various woods roads, heading generally uphill. This is confusing country and you should turn around and familiarize yourself with how things will look on the descent from time to time, especially at intersections. The road continues south along the summit ridge and the bench mark is just a few feet east of the road. Bob estimated that one could make this round trip in less than an hour; it took me 1:15, including having my feet go out from under me on a steep muddy stretch and sitting down suddenly and unintentionally.