Cayuga County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 7, 2001
Author: Bob Packard

I didn't follow Gary Fallesen's book on this one, but you need to read him to know what I'm talking about. After camping at P on the Swamp Hill Rd, I drove the Ridge Road (dirt) E, then N past a cemetery in the woods (5 stones 1860-1880's) to a point 0.1 mile N of intersection of trails 9(S), 6(N), 5(W). Signs on the trails which are just W of the road tell you when you are here. Walked S on #6 to that intersection and went W on 5 getting areas #1 and #2 with short bushwhacks off trail. Went 0.2 miles N of #2 to get #3, then SE to Ridge Rd and camper.

Trip Statistics: hours, miles, elevation gain in feet = (0.75, 1, 30)