Chautauqua County Highpoint Trip Report

Oak Hill - BM "Gurnsey" (2,180+ ft)

Date: August 5, 2007
Authors: SueAnn Miller and Frank Price

Here are some updates to previous reports. Homestead Park Campground appeared more densely occupied on this Sunday in August than was reported earlier and many inquisitive eyes came out of front doors when we first drove up. At the top, labeled "Geritol Hill" by one resident, trailers (permanent and still mobile) completely filled lots between the upper lane and the woods behind. At least one resident slightly downhill from the owner had lined the woods edge behind their trailer with a "fence" of short white poles, each sporting a no trespassing sign (for property they do not own?).

On our way out we explored alternative access routes in the event that attitudes in the park change beyond what indicators suggest and become a problem. Woods has grown into white areas on parts of the topo. A track goes north off Wheeler Hill Road (next road south of the HP hill) just before the county line. It has no sign or mailbox as do other nearby lanes along that road, and it heads in the right direction to facilitate access but we did not take a verifying hike to repeat visiting the high ground from that side.

The topo shows BM 2198 on the other side of the county line in Cattaraugus County, so there is no need to include it with a visit to the Chautauqua county HP.

We approached the site from the north on Oak Hill Road where we first stopped briefly at Erlandson Overview Park at the site of the radio tower on DeLorme page 40. It is nice a new park dedicated to all workers killed or injured on the job in Chautauqua County. The summit is open and the attitudes and view are superior to what we subsequently found at the actual HP. The website says that at approximately 2040 feet it is second highest in the county. We understand that alternate sites are not acceptable substitutes but we recommend a stop at this park too on your official visit. It is a more interesting and pleasant place to visit than the actual HP.