Clinton County High Point Trip Report

Lyon Mtn

Date: July 10, 2001
Author: David Galvin

Clinton County isnamed after long-dead Governor Dewitt Clinton, not any ex-president or present junior senator. There were still plenty of insects to bite me, but the mud, unable to fly, did not get this far north. Still, the trail up this mountain serves double duty as a creek for most of its way, so I was not dry. Besides, scattered rainstorms drifted by, and I heard a few claps of thunder while on the mostly bare summit. The lightning was all to the south, over the High Peaks, which I could see without climbing the rickety fire tower. I found the Colvin survey site on the ledge NW of the tower, as well as the ledge that Bob Packard found to be higher. I felt this was debatable at the time, but with no hand level I had no way to dispute it. I still favor Old Verplank, Mike Colvin's choice. It proved a pleasant perch for devouring lunch, anyway. The wind was too strong on the summit for the bugs, so I lingered a while before heading back down.