Erie County High Point Trip Report

USGS BM Sardinia (1,940+ ft)

Date: April 18, 2002
Author: Michael Schwartz

The landowners of this highpoint have resisted visitation for many years. The 1973 USGS data sheet for BM Sardinia reads as follows, "Extreme care should be taken when going to this station. Mr. K. is very unhappy about the use of this station." Gary Fallesen dealt with whom I assume is the 1973 Mr. K's son. He took a photo of the son at the highpoint, but got nowhere in obtaining permission for others to follow. One can hike legally to within sight of the highpoint, at which point it becomes decision time.

From NY 16 at Chaffee, go west 4.6 miles on Allen Road to house #11310 on the north side of the road. This house is slightly east of the highpoint, and is the house farthest west that still has woods due north of it. It faces west and has a substantial driveway and room to park several cars. You may notice yellow Conservation Trail blazes heading north across the property. The landowner is Lisa (sounds like) Rekovich, who is very hospitable and will gladly allow you to park. She and her husband are proud to have the trail cross their property, welcome hikers, and work to keep the trail clear. She has two large dogs, including a Rotweiler, who will vie for your affection. From the house, hike north on the yellow/orange-blazed trail until it crests, observing the open field to your left (west). Fallesen leads you to this point, except he parks over 1 1/2 miles further south. From here it's a 200 yard dash out of the woods to a flat summit in an open field. Once at the highpoint, one is in view of the K. home to the south. BM not found.