Erie County Highpoint Trip Report

USGS BM Sardinia (1,940+ ft)

Date: April 17, 2004
Author: Dan Case

From Buffalo, take the Thruway to the US 219 expressway southbound (this will be incredibly crowded before and after Bills home games). Take this to the next-to-last exit, Genesee Road in the town of Boston.

Go east on Genesee, up and down hills, several miles east past the stop sign at Springville-Concord Road to the five-way intersection with NY 240 at a small church and graveyard. Here you can turn left onto Allen Road, or continue uphill along Genesee another couple of miles to Mehm Road on your left. Turn.

After a mile or so, Mehm ends at Allen just past the other 1,900-foot area on the topo. Turn right. You should be able to see the highpoint. The landowners live at 11290, with a sign advertising firewood for sale. There is more then enough parking in their driveway. It may take a while to find them, and they may be out, but do ask permission.

Once you get it, go past the garages and rusting farm equipment up to the obvious high ground about 0.3 mile north. I walked about a hundred feet at the crest to ensure hitting the highest ground. The benchmark has long since collapsed into the earth, according to the landowners.

My favorite for high ground is a slight bump that could well be the scar. Area is wide open and the view is nice even on so-so weather days, especially to the south. The whirring of the fans at the nearby MCI relay station tends to detract from that, however.