Franklin County High Point Trip Report

Mt Seward (4,347 ft)

Date: September 17, 2000
Author: Ronald Tagliapietra

From just east of Coreys, turn south on Corey's Road (signed for the High Peaks and Seward). Drive 5.7 miles (pavement ends at 1.2 and you cross a bridge at 2.5) to the signed parking area for Seward (the road is gated at private property only 0.1 mi. beyond so you can't miss by much). Hike 4.7 miles to the Blueberry Lean-to on a fairly level but muddy trail (our hike in Sept. 29 was still a little muddy even at the driest time of year). Since we left the car after 6, we arrived at the occupied lean-to by flashlight. However, if you continue, only 0.1 mi., you can find suitable tent sites just off trail near the junction with the Ward Brook Truck Trail. Another 0.1 mile beyond that junction (mi. 4.9) is the unmarked bridge where the Seward "herd path" begins (just beyond a junction with the horse trail). The unmaintained herd path follows a stream up steeply until it gets to headwaters. It then ascends the rock slabs in the stream bed. Above that it continues steeply to the 10 ft. headwall. By following the wall left, you can find places to ascend. Then follow the path right, beyond a dip, to the summit and canister with the register (it is an Adirondack 46er after all). There are few views, but there are several nice ones just before and just after the headwall. Because of the unmaintained nature of this path, the guidebooks suggest that you allot 3 hours each way just for the 2.1-mile herd path. We were a half-hour faster than that (and lost the path once), but it is slow going with over 2250-foot gain. Even the descent took 2 hours when we knew (more or less) where we were going. Bring quad and compass.