Franklin County High Point Trip Report

Seward Mtn

Date: September 10, 2003
Author: Roy Schweiker

In spite of the length of this hike, I probably spent more time researching than hiking, reading guidebooks and web trip reports. Was surprised that there were free designated campsites on the road to the trailhead, would have saved me time to stay there instead of Floodwood Road (but Floodwood Road had loons). Also found a toilet at trailhead which is increasingly common in the Whites but never saw one in NY before. Rules at trail head say you can't tent "at" lean-tos, Ray Brook receptionist said you must be 150 feet from lean-to, other groups, and trail.

Met couple hiking out who climbed Seward/Donaldson/Emmons from lean-to but bivouacked at summit of Seward on way out not wanting to go down slabs late in the day. My hike was routine but slow as I lugged too much gear as I was alone, including down jacket in 70-degree weather. The herd path starts just beyond the first bridge after you join the truck road, lower down it is many deadfalls with occasional mud and there is about half a mile of slab climbing near the top.

All registers and most signs have been removed from trailless peaks, there is just a trail marker with SEWARD MTN written on it. For those also climbing Donaldson and Emmons, the herd path up Calkins Brook to near the summit of Donaldson is now supposed to be the best route but I just went down the same way.