Genesee County High Point Trip Report

Date: April 17, 2002
Author: Michael Schwartz

See Dan Case's report. Also note on Bill Schuler's report that the "Iowa" Line Road he refers to is actually "Town" Line Road. Take a look at the topo and see how much "Iowa" looks like "Town." Since I had forgotten to bring Dan's report with me, I stopped at house #280, a bit south of the county line, where the homeowner, Ed Snyder, was working in the front yard. When I told him my story, he told me to hop in his truck, and we drove almost to the highpoint. As a youth growing up in the area, he had been told that the county highpoint was near Linden, a couple of miles east, but he knew better.

We walked along the county line, marked by an old fence line and some stakes, to where it crossed the low north-south ridge line, and then a bit north into Genesee County, where the ground rose slightly. I left him my Topozone printout. His son's house is the closest one to the county line, up a long driveway. Mr. Snyder said his son would welcome highpointers, and he himself would welcome future visitors.