Herkimer County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 31, 2001
Author: Bob Packard

This one bothered me as I felt it was not a sure thing. Followed Gary Fallesen's book. With no trail at the end and extremely poor visibility, one had to have one's wits about. Key land marks are the two swamps (I passed both on the right while the markings in Fallesen indicate that he passed the first on the right and the second on the left) and (far away the most important) the pt 781T WSW of the hp's. This point has only about 30 ft of prominence, but it stands out dramatically as you walk by it in the woods. Climbed it on the return. Taking a compass heading off of pt 781T, went up the slope until it headed down. Spent a lot of time up there stepping on anything, rock or dirt, in the woods which might be the hp. The sloping is so gradual up there (less than the map would indicate) that I couldn't relate the places I stepped on to the 4 areas on the map. Better to have a GPS and a companion on this one.

Trip Statistics: hours, miles, elevation gain in feet = 6.5, 12, 1500