Lewis County High Point Trip Report

three areas on Gomer Hill (2,110+ ft)

Date: May 10, 2002
Author: Fred Lobdell

Follow Gary Fallesen's directions to get to Gomer Hill. From NY 12 on the east side of the hamlet of Turin, go west on Turin Road to East Road, jog right then left onto Main Street, and take that through town, across NY 26, to its end at a "T" intersection at West Road. Turn left then almost immediately right onto Gomer Hill Road and follow the latter for about 4 miles as it twists and turns and gains altitude. At this point there will be a gravel road ascending to the right (north) and you should, too. You can drive an ordinary passenger car right to the towers where you will find the bench mark and a reference marker.

High ground may be near the bench mark, but another candidate is a little further north, just east of the northernmost radio tower. Here the highest contour is extended as a sort of "finger" (see the topographic map) pointing north-northwest. This is quite apparent on the ground, and the finger points toward a second, much smaller, 2,110-foot contour. Bushwhack along this high ground through woods that are fairly open until you drop a little and rise to the second area. For the third area, bushwhack due west from the second area, dropping into a shallow swale before attaining the high ground in less than a quarter mile from the second area. From here you can bushwhack back to your car.