Livingston County High Point Trip Report

USGS BM Tabor (2,244 ft)

Date: July 14, 2000
Author: Dan Case

I'll give relatively straightforward directions here even though that's not the way I went from South Bristol. (You don't want to deal with the rugged roads and confusing or absent signs around the county line if you absolutely don't have to. I actually wound up going in a big circle.)

From NY 21, look for Steuben County 37 heading north off the road about midway between Wayland and North Cohocton. Follow into Livingston County, where it becomes Route 36. It gets a little confusing at some intersections but you want to keep going generally north across Springwater. You should reach, as the last intersection in the county, Dutch Hollow Road off to the right.

This is where I was actually hoping for newer, unmapped roads. However, the summit appears to be wooded and undeveloped. A private road named Pine View Lane goes off lower down, but reconnaissance on the summit from an open area along Dutch Hollow Road near the county line suggested that it would only go halfway, and again it was rutted, muddy dirt and I didn't feel like dealing with another landowner.

At the bend at height of land, it seemed that a bushwhack along the ridge line might be possible, but again I wasn't in a mood to attempt it. The posting gave the landowner there as a "Wilderness Resources" with a PO Box in Naples that I couldn't decipher -- perhaps they own the ridge line. Possibly, in the future, it might be worth trying to see if it could be reached from the Ontario County side via Harriet Hollister Spencer State Recreation Area -- it would be about a 0.75 mile bushwhack from that parcel's southern boundary.