Livingston County High Point Trip Report

USGS BM Tabor (2244 ft)

Date: April 18, 2002
Author: Michael Schwartz

From the junction of NY 15A and CR 16, go east 3.3 miles on 16 (becomes CR 36), where it jogs left (north) onto Wetmore Road, then turns right (east) onto Tabors Corners Road at 3.4 miles. Bear left at 3.9 miles onto Dutch Hollow Road (shown on topo as Hunt Hill Road), and go another 0.8 mile to Pine View Lane on the left (not shown on topo).

This road is posted with the standard private property signs and a printed warning from the county sheriff. In reality, there are numerous houses along its length, and a fair amount of traffic, so one more vehicle is not likely to attract much attention. As noted by Dan Case in July 2000, it is rutted, and would be tricky in wet weather. If one opts to venture up Pine View Lane, drive about 1.0 mile to the top, always choosing the more "uphill" road at forks. After reaching a clearing well up on the mountain, continue straight across on lesser dirt roads, almost driveway-like, to the highest cabin reachable by car. This cabin has a substantial outbuilding to the rear and a spotlight above the window above the front door, framed by a wooden eagle. There was no one around this day, but my gut tells me that permission could be gotten to park and hike.

From this cabin, BM Tabor is 0.11 mile on a heading of 243 degrees. Use a combination of woods roads and bushwhacking to reach the summit, near a very large hunting stand. Reference marks 1 & 2 protrude above ground and are easy to find, and the benchmark is between them, set a few inches below the surface. Look for a shallow depression in the likely spot and tap with a stick or pole to feel the BM. I re-covered it with leaves and dirt to leave it as found.