Monroe County High Point Trip Report

one point on the county line 1/2 mile south of Parish Road (1,040+ ft)

Date: September 13, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

From the junction of NY 64 and Parish Road (less than one mile north of the Monroe/Ontario line), go east on Parish 0.5 miles to the county line, marked by a pavement change. Turkey Run, a good gravel road marked as a private drive, not shown on the topo, goes south, almost on the county line, and serves several private homes, judging by the number of mailboxes at Parish Road.

I hiked this road, and was soon passed by a young man in a pickup, who returned my wave with a very friendly hello. Hike this road about 300 yards, until it bends sharply left. Here I bushwhacked directly into the woods, heading due south to follow the county line. If you continue on the road a short distance after the turn, but before house #1693 on the left, you can enter the woods on a well-defined trail from the right side of the road. Once in the woods, soon cross a mowed grassy path, and follow it to the right for a very short distance before finding a good footpath heading south again, up the hill. This trail showed signs of use, and was also well-marked by blue surveyor's ribbon. The trail runs generally south, diverting a bit east to avoid the steep gulch just north of the high point. Eventually the trail ends at a T-junction with a broad, mowed, grassy path. This crests maybe 100 feet to the right (west), which should be at or very near to the county line and the high point knob.

The ridge here is running east-west as it is supposed to, and the broad, cleared area shown on the topo extends west, descending and then rising to the 1000-foot bump shown on the map to the west. No fences are crossed, no homes are visible or nearby once into the woods, and no postings are seen along this route, which looks to get frequent recreational use.

Round trip took 35 minutes.