Monroe County Highpoint Trip Report

one point on the county line 1/2 mile south of Parish Road (1,040+ ft)

Date: July 14, 2004
Author: Michael Schwartz

I visited and reported on Monroe County in September, 2001. Dan Case visited in April, 2004, identified a new route, and questioned which bump was the true highpoint. This report settles the bump question and provides updated mileage using Dan's excellent directions and much easier route.

Use Dan's directions from the Thruway. Updated mileages -

From Thruway toll booths onto NY 96 to NY 251: 2.0 miles
On NY 251 to Strong Road: 2.3 miles
On Strong Road to Parish Road, crossing Dryer Road and CR 41: 3.1 miles
On Parish Road to Turkey Run: 0.8 mile

Once on Turkey Run, drive 0.5 mile to a very large and obvious grassy pullout on the right. At this point the highpoint is 0.15 mile distant to the west-southwest. Park and take the grassy path that starts downhill, not the more obvious driveway heading uphill. The path descends and then heads uphill, passing the junction with the path coming in from the right that I used in my 2001 report.

In summer, that path is not too apparent and I walked right by it the first time. As the surroundings begin to open up, you reach a nice bump, about 145 feet past the aforementioned trail junction.

GPS verifies that bump to be the true highpoint. Note the cleared area as shown on the topo spreads out ahead of you to the west.

GPS coordinates (NAD27 datum) for the grassy pullout parking area are (42.94644° N, 77.48042° W).