Montgomery County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 26, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

See reports from Dan Case and Bob Packard.

We opted for the western approach from Herkimer County. From US 20, 9.2 miles west of the Otsego/Schoharie County line, go right (north) on Fassett Road. Zero your odometer. This becomes CR 30 at 1.4 miles, crosses into Herkimer County at 3.6 miles and becomes Wiltse Hill Road. Note that Wiltse is spelled "Willse" on the topo and Delorme. On the ground it's spelled Wiltse. Reach Wiltse Cors Road (sic) at the Willse Four Corners shown on the topo at 4.3 miles. Go right on decent dirt road and reach a house (occupied) and barn, posted for the hunting co-op, at 4.7 miles. From here the road was snowy and icy, so we parked and walked east to the ridge.

As noted by Dan, this road could be driven, with care, by passenger cars in dry weather. We found the orange flagging mentioned by Dan and have nothing to add to his or Bob's descriptions of the southern area, which does appear highest.

We picked up a field road at the far side of the cornfield to the north and followed it to high ground, using field walking and bushwhacking, as did Bob, to cover the two areas.