Niagara County High Point Trip Report

1 area 1.75 miles SE of Royalton Center (675+ ft)

Date: October 27, 2000
Author: Dan Case

The lowest upstate NY CHP can be best reached by following NY 5 to NY 93 south of Akron (not too far west of Exit 48A on the Thruway). Head north and continue through the village. Be careful and pay attention to the signs as the state route quickly scoots off to the left up Ontario Street just as it hits downtown, then makes a right at the end then a quick left again on Walnut Street. This finally leads out of the village to where you can open up the engine, and gradually crosses Ellicott Creek into Niagara County. Stay with it for a couple of miles more, past several bends, to a sort of forking Y intersection shortly after the second power line crossing where you want to bear right and then turn right onto Bunker Hill Road. You are now, it should be obvious, entering Niagara County's High Peaks Region.

Staying with it for about two miles or so will bring you to 8855, at an obvious crest in the road just before it turns north to intersect with Wolcott Road. This is the Miller farmhouse, inside the 670' contour. The highest ground is visibly in the back.

Asking permission from the Millers is an interesting exercise, as they are both octogenarians with severe hearing deficiencies. Once you succeed, if they're home, or when you've given up, don't go into the backyard. You're best off following the driveway to the left past the smaller sheds to the big red barn where Spotty the cow, as per Fallesen, will greet you with a moo.

To get behind the barn, it is necessary to step over the three-foot high electric fence that pens her. Although she's quite benevolent, I found this easiest to do again on the west side of the barn, away from her, near the rear, where the fence is lowest.

Once you do, walk up to the high ground, about a hundred feet behind the barn near some old logs and rusted plows. Views are expansive but rather limited by the generally flat topography of the area to the few miles around.