Niagara County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: February 28, 2004
Author: Gene Daniell

The simplest access route is from the north. From NY 31 west of Middleport, take the road to Royalton Center (sign). It's about 3 miles to Royalton Center (basically a few houses at a crossroads) and another 1.6 miles or so to a power line crossing just before the road swings to the right (and apparently changes its name as well). The Millers' home is just around the corner of that right turn. I'd recommend asking for permission from them if possible but the easiest route is to follow the power lines west about 200 yards, then climb to the high point, which is a few yards on the other side of the Millers' electric fence. In other words, it's probably better not to approach through the farmyard, with or without permission.