Onondaga County High Point Trip Report

one point 1.25 miles northwest of Keeny (2,060+ ft)

Date: April 19, 2002
Author: Michael Schwartz

I found a relatively straightforward approach from the west requiring less than 1/2 the distance and 210 feet gain instead of the 800 feet from the eastern approach. Most of the approach is on the Tully quad and finally enters the DeRuyter quad for the last 3/4 mile, plus the hike itself.

From I-81 exit 14 at Tully, go east about 6.5 miles on NY 80. Turn right (south) onto Bailey Road and zero odometer. Bear right at 0.2 mile onto Shackam Road. Turn left (east) at 2.6 miles at the crossroads shown on the Tully quad at spot elevation 1544. This unsigned road heads northeast and is not shown on the DeRuyter quad, but continues to a T-intersection with Morgan Hill Road at 3.5 miles. This may be the only way onto Morgan Hill Road; as Bob Packard notes it's bermed both to the south and north. Although not bermed at the "T," a sign bans motor vehicles from proceeding north. From the "T" drive south 0.7 mile to a gravel road on the left blocked by two large boulders about 50 feet in from the main road. Not shown on the topo, this point is slightly north of due west of the number "1900" marking that contour, almost due west of the summit.

Hike the road, which heads generally east, but goes southwest and then north for a while, and even descends to a low swale. Very wet. Once near the top, with a low skyline visible, at a fork, I went straight to gain the ridge line, then right to highest ground.

Time to summit: 30 minutes. Gain 220 feet. The entire area seems to be NY state forest.