Ontario County High Point Trip Report

Frost Hill (2,280+ ft)

Date: July 14, 2000
Author: Dan Case

From Naples and NY 21, head west on Clark Street, Ontario County 36, just opposite Kwik Fill at the south end of the village. It becomes Hunts Hollow Road at the village line. Turn right on Gulick Road about a mile and a half out of town. Follow this north into South Bristol and a valley far more wooded than otherwise seen in this region.

There are a lot more dirt roads here than shown on either the DeLorme or USGS maps, so it was hard to determine the exact intersection, a four-way. I had to go past it to where the road was clearly descending and backtrack. It seems that 6291 Gulick Road is the house at the correct road ("anywho" gives a Theodore Werner and a listed phone number for this address). They seem to use it as a driveway, and thus one of their cars was blocking it.

To me that did not augur well for its quality further uphill -- if there were other residences, they most likely would not be doing that. After my Yates experience, and since rain was threatening and I really didn't feel like the hike it would require, not with such a long drive to go home and one more county to at least check out, I just left it at that, even though they were home. I didn't even know if they owned the land up top anyway -- the Rochester Science Museum has its Cumming Nature Center nearby, and there's also a local Boy Scout council with a camp further south that seems to own a lot of property. They might be landowners too.

I did not check out the track shown going up from Boswell Corners, which would require more vertical gain. I will leave this, the highpoint of the Finger Lakes, to another, more relaxed day.