Ontario County High Point Trip Report

Frost Hill (2,280+ ft)

Date: April 18, 2002
Author: Michel Schwartz

I managed to drop my topozone map and appended notes while hiking this one, so much of this report is from sketchy memory.

From the junction of NY 21 and CR 36 in Naples, go west on 36 for 1.2 miles and then go north on Gulick Road. Travel 6.9 miles on Gulick Road and see the signed dirt Frost Hill Road on the right (east).

The only house on this road is right at the bottom, #6291, a remodeled former schoolhouse. I visited with the new owner, whose name I wrote down and lost, and cannot remember. I don't think it is the name Dan Case mentions in his July 2000 report. The owner was very hospitable and knowledgeable about who owned which land on Frost Hill. He stated that Frost Hill Road was a public road, and due to its roughness, I opted to walk up. I had already parked my car alongside Gulick Road, or I would have asked permission to park at the house, which I believe would have been granted.

The road climbs steeply due east for about 1/4 mile, at which point it makes a sharp bend to the northeast. I followed the road to the fork shown on the topo, took the right fork, gated and posted by Heidi Kuehne (rarely present, according to locals), reached the small clearing shown on the map, then cut southeast and bushwhacked up to the ridge line. I followed the ridge south until I reached the posted south end of Ms. Kuehne's property, then followed woods roads a short distance south to high ground, just off a north-south road. I returned north along the ridge line, eventually intersected a path, and worked my way downhill to the west. The path I chose eventually intersected Frost Hill Road between the northeast bend and the gated fork.

Were I to do this hike again, I would simply continue straight ahead (due east) up the hill along the Kuehne property line from the point where Frost Hill Road makes its sharp bend to the northeast 1/4 mile from Gulick Road. The terrain is not too steep or brushy, and following the property line to the ridge top should bring one out just north of the highpoint. There is at least one other land owner on Frost Hill, but both locals I spoke with said that innocent hiking is not a problem.