Ontario County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: July 12, 2004
Author: Andy Martin

I drove the Honda to about 2050 feet elevation on Frost Hill Road. I bushwhacked up the hill to it's top, and then used NAD27 UTM 18 (299934 E, 4731391 N) value from topozone.com to navigate south on a large, flat, tree-covered hill top. The GPS came in handy here.

I passed the posted south end of the H. Kuehne property and found faint and overgrown woods "road" mentioned by Mike Schwartz. Once I reached the topozone target, the ground back to the north seemed a bit higher and I settled on a stump about 30 feet east of the woods "road" as the HP.

I left a baggie in a hollow on top of the stump and built cairn on top of this. The cairn is visible from the "road". About 20 feet to the north of the cairn I found a fallen white survey sign. I set it up but it will fall over again soon. About 20 feet north of the sign is a 3 or 4 inch diameter vertical pipe filled with cement, with a nail in it, probably a survey marker. A smaller vertical pipe is also in this area.

At the cairn I had 25-foot GPS accuracy - poor due to trees. The GPS unit read (42° 42.671' N, 77° 26.572' W) at 2,292 feet.

Going back to the car was a bit confusing and I came out on to the road a couple hundred yards downhill from where I entered.