Orange County Highpoint Trip Report

Schunemunk Mtn (1,664 ft)

Date: July 14, 2007
Author: Dan Case

Used the Jessup Trail this time the whole way up the mountain.

Pleasant Hill Road is the turn off NY 32 in Mountainville that leads to Taylor Road; it's the left that goes over Woodbury Creek as Pleasant Hill bends to follow the creek. The trailhead for the Jessup Trail is on the right immediately after crossing over the Thruway.

Follow the yellow-blazed Jessup Trail across the fields, through the woods, across the railroad tracks (active, remember) and up to the split between the ridges where it bears left and the trail that connects to the Long Path on the western ridge goes right. This takes you over many, many rocky bumps with great views to the summit, which hasn't changed since the last time I was there.