Orleans County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 31, 1998
Author: Daniel Case

Off East Barre Road, 730 feet altitude. I visited this one by car one weekend while visiting my in-laws in Buffalo. It's not too much of a drive out of the city.

Take the Thruway east to the Batavia exit, NY 98. Follow it north towards Albion. Most of this road goes through open farmland, which pretty much defines the territory around here. After a few miles, you will cross into Orleans County from Genesee County and be in the town of Barre. A few miles further on, you will reach East Barre Road.

Turn right and take it east a couple of miles. You will pass a four-way intersection. Ahead on the left is a small rise with some antennas on it. This is the highpoint, which seems to be just off the road just ahead. However, it is on private property (looks like that farmhouse's backyard) so I didn't trespass.