Queens County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: July 31, 2008
Author: Richard Garland

I have put a couple of screen shots of Google maps showing the area and the assorted marks which are (or at one time weer) there. The satellite view is at a much higher zoom level and makes it easy to see what is what.

topo map
satellite map

A few points -

1) There are 2 triangulation stations (for horizontal control) and 3 reference markers at the site. One reference marker was supposedly destroyed by an addition to the club house and one tri-station is close to the green and probably buried.

2) Survey markers, in particularly triangulations stations such as these, are not set to (necessarily) mark the highest point on a particular peak but rather to establish a horizontal control for maps and survey work.

3) The station frequently found here is "KU2998 PAYNE 2", set in 1932. The topo map shows this to be at the outer edge of the highest closed contour so it is highly unlikely to mark the HP. I fear that one or the other of the surviving Reference Marks are occasionally found and are erroneously thought to be "the benchmark". Here is the NGS data sheet for that station.

4) the other station, also set in 1932, is KU3052 "QUEENS TOPO BUR MON NR PAYNE 2" is a stone monument set by the Queens topographical bureau and is close to the center of the contour on the topo map. It may (or may not) have been set at the highest point. It is at the edge of the green and is probably buried of destroyed. Here is the NGS data sheet.

5) The whole area has been part of the golf course since prior to 1932 and is clearly landscaped. The old 15 minute map shows no details to help. My opinion in looking at the area is that it is not a natural rise in the elevation of the land.

Bottom line: step on the benchmark if you like, but I don't think that will get you closer to the high point than just walking around either inside or outside the fence.